Instructions & FAQ

How to assemble your paper carousel (coming soon!), and frequently asked questions.

Each kit will include:

  • Six interior panels
  • Six exterior panels
  • Six hand-picked creature panels
  • Extra feet
  • 8.5″x5.5″ blank greeting card & envelope
  • Assembly instructions and ideas

How hard is it to assemble? What else do I need?

All you need is some glue of your personal preference, although acid-free glue stick is recommended, and something like a pencil with an eraser, to easily reach to press the tabs down onto the card when gluing.  It’s easy to assemble; the slots are already cut, and you just need to slide them together.

Is the carousel flimsy? It’s called “paper”…

No, it’s actually cardstock.  It’s not floppy, and won’t tear just from breathing on it.

Are these just clip art or some other template?
Nope! All of the designs are unique, drawn by the artists of Paper Calico.

Have another question?

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