Focus Shift – Bottles and Magic

I’ve shifted focus, away from my paper carousels, for a few reasons.  Honestly, they need a lot more refinement and visual appeal, and in the past year I’ve been diagnosed with Essential Tremor, which makes it a lot harder to deal with tiny little fiddly bits, like weeding the tiny pieces of cardstock out of each carousel panel.

So!  As I frequently do, I have floated on over to new things to experiment with.  I’ve been making magic wands off and on since about 1998.  I am making delightful glass necklace pendants out of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards – and the chip in them still works!

I’m trying to get going making steampunk hats and things to sell, but so far it’s just been stuff for me.

But what I’m most excited with making is little bottles of stuff!  The two types are alchemy components and ingredients, and potion and spell ingredients.  The contents of each bottle varies depending on what the intention is; for example, the alchemical bottles I’ve made so far are only imitations of the things they are named for, but the mortem vampyre bottle is real garlic powder and a tiny wooden stake.  You know, in case you run into a very small vampire.

In any case, I’m excited about pushing forward with these things.  I’ll be at various craft shows around my area, tagging along the shirttales of the very kind Baby Got Crafts, who makes amazing, gorgeous, and hilarious jewelry.

Thanks everyone!  <3 <3 <3

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